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Just One Piece Of Advice From Robert
Grew My Downline By 6,519!

If it wasn't for that day that I was driving around listening to Robert Blackman's training myteam would be roughly 6,519 smaller. Just one strategy I learned from him allowed me to personally reduce my marketing cost to zero and more than triple the rate of duplication in my organization.

He speaks, teaches, trains, and shares only the truth from his 20+ years of experience and I make it habit to know everything he does. Not only have I purchased everything that Robert has ever produced, paid him his time, hired him to create direct mail pieces for me, but every single dollar I've ever spent has always come baack to me at least 20 fold.


- Daegan Smith

Robert Blackman

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Len Clements Testimonial



Eric Green Testimonial


Robert Blackman


Robert Blackman is one of the great marketing minds in the network marketing business. I have read his books, listened to his Audio and have seen his videos and there is no doubt EVERYONE SERIOUS ABOUT BECOMING SUCCESSFUL IN THIS BUSINESS can benefit from them as I have"

Corey Augenstein


"Any good teacher will tell you that to succeed, you must master the fundamentals. Robert Blackman is a master at teaching the fundamentals. Now, if he'd only put them to good use in my program, he'd make a fortune!"

Len Clements,

Robert Blackman, is very knowledgeable, competent and insightful network marketer. His ideas on building are, in my experience, right on the money. His delivery is very down to earth, making him one of the better trainers in our industry. He also asked me to mention his good looks and full head of hair, so in the interest of being completely honest, did I mention he is a heck of a good trainer?

Greg Arnold, CEO LifeTek Corporation


“Robert Blackman is one of the few people who deliver value for money you spend. He writes good ad copy but has the goods to deliver behind the scenes.

Rod Cook B.sc., M.A., M.B.A.



I am listening to your $199.95 audio tape set as I drive to and from work. I applaud your honesty! You might not say what people want to hear regarding MLM - but it is the truth! I have been participating in a MLM business for about a year - and to date, have spent a lot more money, than I made. But I now realize, it is going to take time!


Paul Beckey
Affton, MO

I have received and read the 7-Day Crash Course and it covers all phases of MLM. How to get started, how to recruit, and most of all how to obtain leads and why fresh leads each month are so important. The course answers the secret to successful networking; a good, well established company that pays on time and has excellent consumerable products, new leads every month, and old fashioned hard work!

I have also purchased Robert's book "How to Sit Back And Get Rich In Any MLM" and it is just as exciting and full of fresh ideas and know-how as the 7 Day Crash Course. This book goes into more detail than the 7 day course with more illustrations of phone presentations, letters to write, and general information. A great study! I am also in the Profit Network Lead Program. The leads are good and the people all respond like they know why I called and were very nice, even those who said no.

Buddy Guest,
West Palm Beach, FL


Focused and to the point. I've read dozens of books and articles on Network Marketing and they all boil down to what's in your 7-day course. The 3 steps, the 80-20 rule, and the rest. Day 7 was my favorite - keeping your personal life in perspective.

This is the nuts-and-bolts stuff that EVERY sponsor should be teaching downline. I consider this a must for all my new people.

Thanks again.

Hope you can use this - I appreciate the good work you've been sharing.

Take care,

David Marlowe
Somerville, MA

The leads are just absolutely incredible!! I signed up for the program in which I received 400 leads, as I call each lead, and state that I am calling them back in reference to them have been looking for a homebase business in the last 30 to 60 days, and if they have found something yet or if they're still looking. I get either they found something or I'm still looking or I'm not interest anymore. What's so marvelous about the LEADS PROGRAM is: That, these are people that were looking already for a HOMEBASED BUSINESS, your not having to try to get them to think homebase business, they already know they want some type of Homebase business! If they've found something, and are happy with it and you can't sell them on your MAIN DEAL, then, sell them on the leads program, and YOU still WIN!!

I can't say enough about the Leads Program, if YOU want to EXPLODE your downline, it's the greatest, it's fantastic!!!

Edward R Bogedain
Phoenix, Arizona


I wanted to tell you how great I think your Lead Program is.

This is my first month as a Gold level.

I used your old letter sharing your phone script as a basis, then added a little here and there. For every call it's there if I need to refer to it. I spend one hour a day Monday-Thursday making calls (25-40). It's only a matter of a few days until my list is complete.

This has been a new approach for me. It's been a little bit of an anxious time, but I just did it. All turned out well. I got a number e-mail addresses, and spoke with a number of nice people. I also sent out the postcards. I'm excited to see how these leads work out.

Please let folks know your Lead Program has been all I expected and more. I anticipate upgrading to Diamond soon.

Robert I really appreciate your style, as well as the pertinent information and training that you share. For the up-and-coming home-based business person, your help, knowledge, support, and program will help them reach their dreams.
To your best Health,

Scott D. Seagrave, R.N.
The Balancing Beam

Robert. Thank You so much for Your Free MLM Newsletter and 7 day crash course. I certainly believe that anybody that will use the principles out lined in the course, using Your recommended LEAD System, can build a huge downline in a matter of time. I especially enjoyed day 5, the 80/20 rule.

Thanks again.

Fletcher Martin,
Fort Payne, Alabama.

It took me 2 years of old school tutoring prospects that you sum up in your "7 Day MLM Crash Course" I have all my internet newbies weaned and my business has prospered from it, Thanks Rob!

Paul Davison/CEO
Barron Marketing
Rochester, NY

Dear Mr. Blackman,

I found it astounding how you were able to transfer so much of your knowledge in such an easy to read book "How To Sit Back and Get Rich In Any MLM!"

Robert you delivered more usable marketing information and proper expectations in a two night read than anything I've laid hands on.

Thanx for using my language "plain English" with understandable, digestible good stuff. You clearly define the image of what it takes to be independent.

A Believer and Profit Leads Newcomer,
Drew Cunningham
Lynn, MA

Robert's 7 Day Crash Course is a day by day personal narrative on how anyone can overcome setbacks to rise to whatever one wants from life...more time, more money, more meaning to your life. I copied each lesson, put them in a binder, and refer to them often. Ingenious, down-to-earth, and straight forward about what MLM is and isn't.

Mike Jarman

Just finished the The 7-Day MLM Crash Course. Being new to MLM I found it extremely beneficial. I would recommend this to anyone looking at getting into MLM. The course is practical and relevant. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Larry George Truitt, Thorntown, IN

Larry Truitt
Thorntown, IN

I have enjoyed great success with the leads that Robert Blackman's service has provided and when friends and associates ask " Where's a good place to get leads?" My reply is always " If you want the most bang for your buck, then go to my website at ProfitLeads.com".

You can't go wrong.

Thanks Robert!

Bryan "Jag" Johnson
Seattle, WA

The 7-Day Crash Course totally changed my perspective of how quality people come into and stay in an MLM business. Robert Blackman tells it like it is. He demonstrates that people stay and build when there is an actual system. He also tells us what that system is and how we can turn every "no" in our business into profits.

Kevin Shah,
Bakersfield, CA

Hey Robert! "The 7-Day Crash Course" is pure genius. Robert gets down to FACTS with no bull like most MLMers will feed you. Follow a proven leader and you won't go wrong!"

Fred Raley
Woodbridge VA 22193

Hi Robert,

I found your site one night while surfing. You offered a free course. Why not accept it?

Being new in the MLM industry, your "free crash course" was very insightful. I'm sure you've saved many of us from making the same mistakes as you did when you first started out.

Everyone, the new network marketer and the seasoned veteran can always learn from the "successful" persons in the industry.

Thank you.

Jean B. Coquitlam, B.C. Canada

The 7-Day Crash Course

Hello MR. Blackman.

(WOW) I was told that Robert Blackman was a strait forward to the point type Guy an no Hype. The Information In 7-Day MLM Crash Course is just that to the point filled with information that you can use right away, .(wow) Thanks For The Truth Man.

Hayward Grimes
Newton, AL

With all of the confusing deals out there on the Net, "The 7 day crash course" was the first simple, effective and affordable approach to Internet marketing that I have found. I have already applied some of it's principles and the results have been very rewarding, Robert Blackman's sincerity rings through the advice like a beacon in the fog......

Andrew Retchless

Dear Robert,

Thank you for providing me with your 7-Day Crash Course. You have opened my eyes in so many ways. You present your idea's in such a basic, easy to follow manner, that I am sure any one would benefit from the course. Thanks again.

Charles Maves
Boyceville, WI

Hello Robert,

I just wanted to tell you that I have begun receiving your 7-Day Crash Course and so far only read two of your autoresponder letters, but already I am struck by the simplicity and power of your information.

In fact, one of my challenges has been calling people - even leads of people that have expressed some kind of interest in home-based businesses - but last night, after reading your second letter, I got on the phone and called five people, only one of whom I had spoken to before.

Out of the five, three agreed to look go to the web site of an MLM I'm in (I gave them my ID# to access it) and look it over prior to my calling them back; one was not in but I left a message for him to look at the website, then I'll call him back; and the fifth one, that I'd talked to before very briefly, had looked at the site and liked it but was all excited about a new business that he has developed that is showing great potential and on which he needs to focus.

But the interesting thing is that I had a shift in consciousness from calls I had made before, where I had seemed to make no headway or time after time they weren't in, etc., and I began to enjoy making the calls - the last call especially......I enjoyed a stimulating conversation and felt good about it even though the man most likely won't be joining with the MLM I'm in.

So thanks for the breakthrough - I had the feeling when I got through calling that it won't be long before I make some sales too!

All the best,

Alan Rowbotham
St. Petersburg, FL

The most valuable money that I have spent in my 7 year MLM career was on Robert Blackman's MLM Mastery course. I have never related to anyone in the industry as well as I related to Robert's personal story and to his teaching. The 7-Day Crash Course has been an invaluable source of inspiration to me. I highly recommend it to my entire downline!

Judi Anastassakis
Ontario Canada

"Asking for Robert's free 7 Day Crash course is not an option for success. Anything...everything .... he has to say you need to pay close attention to."

Marc Menzie
Westminster, Maryland

"Absolutely the most common sense strategy for your MLM business! The Profit Network Lead Program teaches you how to make money from everyone you prospect, even the ones that tell you, NO!"

Jill Tieding,
Fort Worth, Texas

Robert, your 7 day crash course was not only very informative, but also inspirational. After the crash course I decided to get back into MLM after some very negative experiences.

Don Mil,
Elverson, Pa

I am reading your 7-day Crash Course and I must say I am impressed. Well here is what I have to say about your course: "It is obvious that Robert Blackman has this MLM Thing down to a SCIENCE!! He is one of a select few that really spoke to me. I strongly suggest anyone who is interested in MLM to go through his 7-day MLM Crash Course 1st!

Bryan Scot

I've been involved in network marketing for about a year now, and had always been looking around for some Training to help take my business to the next level. after been exposed to "The 7-Day Crash Course", its really been a "scrollbar mover", and anxious to get more each day. I'm now on my 4th course, and had learned alot. Robert had combined examples and experiences from many of the top trainers in the industry including himself to produce this course that can only be describe as empowering, motivating, and enlightening. besides, what do you have to lose, it's FREE for the asking. it's well worth it!

S K, Upper Sanusky OH

Dreaming is great, but action brings success. Robert Blackman's 7-day crash course got me fired up and active! His clear, crisp messages reflect his confidence, skill and knowledge. This is a man I want to follow up the ladder of success.

Marilyn Brodhurst

Dear Robert,

We received your "7-Day MLM Crash Course" and we want to thank you very much! It was brilliant ... so simple!

Thanks again, Robert!

Bob & Rose McNair
South Africa

Robert, the 7 day course is great for anyone desiring to begin or expand a MLM business. This is the basics needed to get you going and start the process of building a "downline" no matter the commpany or product line. In other words it is Generic..

Skip Minor
Huntsville, Al


I've read and reread the first 4 parts of your 7 day training and here are my thoughts:

I just finished rereading day 3 of your free 7 day training and I realized that you put together what I was always looking for--a complete SYSTEM for building a business using the Internet to convert leads into informed prospects. All one has to do a lot of is to contact a lot of leads and let them opt-in to the system--and you even furnish the leads--and THEN ask them if they want to join the game. I realize that it still takes a lot of work but you're working with a LOT of knowledgeable prospects who want you to call them.

DR. Harvey Reiter
Washington, DC


Your MLM Mastery Course is great! It was the kick in the behind that I needed. You tell it like it really is and do not sugar-coat the fact that we have to work in MLM as we would in other business. But, the rewards in MLM far surpass other businesses. Thanks for setting me straight!

Richard Mathiason
Belen, New Mexico

Hi Robert,

Thank-you for your free 7-Day Crash Course!!! Your training ideas have literally EXPLODED my business!

I've stumbled around in MLM for 10 yrs and upon receiving your FREE training I felt like you switched my off switch ON! I now have people calling me asking to join my business! WOW! I'm amazed what a difference your training has made!

I appreciate your 'straight shooting tell it like it is' style. I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to transfer your knowledge and experience into their business.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next email training!

Kevin Todd

I received Bobs 7 day MLM course and I listened to his conference call. He presents his message direct and to the point leaving nothing to your imagination. I highly recommend his course to anyone. It is excellent.

Dave Lindstrom
Grove City, Minnesota

Hi Robert,

The 7 Day Crash Course - Yeah, finally somebody that's willing to educate newcomers and current MLM'ers on what to really expect from network marketing. This short training course is very straightforward and easy to follow. You can expect tips and tricks that will help your business soar -- but forget about the hype. Robert shows you know to treat MLM like a million dollar business to reach a six figure income quickly.

Rebekah Sandhu
Roseville, CA

I have read Robert Blackman's MLM Mastery course and put parts of into practice Robert, you shed much light on just has to be done to succeed in Network Marketing. Your material is super and first rate as far as I am concerned you rank with the best. I especially like the reports that you sent I not only refer to them but share them with my downline to keep them motivated and on track.

Larry Hadley
Warners NY

MLM Mastermind is AWESOME! Robert Blackman has found the needle in the haystack for your success. The leads program is the highest payout in the industry, but most importantly the leads are the freshest, high quality and your closing rate will be even greater using Robert's one two punch script. His training material is extremely educational for the newbie as well as the seasoned networker and will drive your business straight to the TOP. We highly recommend ProfitLeads.com to everyone that has a home-based business. Let's face it, if your looking for ways to jump start your business; you have finally found it. And for anyone using ProStep, Cutting Edge Media or other lead programs rather then ProfitLeads.com; let me tell you; your paying way too much for a lesser quality of leads. PERIOD!

Visionary Marketing Concepts
Montgomery, AL

"Training and Masterminding. Who doesn't need them? With Robert's help I'm finding it relatively easy to sponsor people into the lead program. Robert's writing style speaks right to the heart of the subject. Robert's proven business experience shines through the web site and his training calls. Your losing money every time you get a no to your main program if you don't have a backend sale to offer. I find the 1st thing a new rep in my main program asks me is where to find leads. What about you?"

Mark Potes

Robert Blackman

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